1)      What should I bring in with my child on their first day?

Each child should have a named drinking bottle containing water, along with a couple of changes of clothes. Spare nappies and nappy sacks (if applicable). Please ensure that all items are clearly named. We recommend that your child dresses in easily washed clothes with easy fittings and sensible shoes or trainers. In the winter waterproofs and in the summer we request that children bring in named sun hats and sun cream.

2)      What should I bring in for snack?

We operate a parent contribution snack system whereby each child brings in some fruit, or other healthy snack like a carrot, each day to share out. Children are also offered a drink of water or milk. For food hygiene reasons, please only bring in whole items which our staff will prepare. We are not allowed to share out food prepared at home.

3)      How will I be informed about my child’s progress at pre-school?

We use several methods for communicating with parents and our doors are always open if you would like to speak to a member of the staff team or a committee member. For more information about how progress is communicated please read our “Learning journeys, eyLog and parent meetings: an introduction for parents”.

4)      What does a typical session at pre-school look like?

Take a look at our “Typical Session” page for an insight into what a session looks like.

5)      What should I do if my child is unwell or unable  to attend pre-school?

If your child is ill or going to be absent from pre-school please phone the pre-school direct on 07778 442489.