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Parent Partnership


We consider that the relationship with our parents and other carers to be central to the success of the pre-school.


  • We hold twice yearly formal key worker/parent meetings to review children’s progress
  • Weekly emails are sent from the Pre-school Leader to parents about forthcoming learning and how they can contribute
  • Family fix it days bring us together to help maintain the garden
  • Parent feedback forms are available, welcoming general comments
  • Parents are warmly encouraged to contribute to their child’s online learning journeys, sharing news and photos and videos from home
  • We send out an annual opinion survey. All comments are read, we take action to improve in any areas that are highlighted and respond to suggestions for improvement
  • Families are warmly encouraged to join in with ‘parent help’, where mums, dads, grandparents are invited to come along and take part in a pre-school session


We consider parents as one of our most important stakeholders and will continue to make parent partnership one of our highest priorities.


Parent Involvement


One of the most important ways that you can be involved in the Pre-School is by joining our Committee. Without a Committee we cannot run our Pre-School; your help is invaluable to us all.  


Parent Feedback


If you, as a parent or carer, have any comments or questions for the preschool in general or directly relating to your child, you are welcome to:


  1. Speak to your child’s keyworker at drop off, pick up or schedule a time with them
  2. Speak to Candice, the Pre-School Leader, at drop off, pick up, schedule a time with her or email  leader@coldashpreschool.org.uk
  3. Speak with the Chair of the management committee at drop off or pick up or email  chair@coldashpreschool.org.uk
  4. Fill out a parent feedback form download it here: Parent Feedback Form and post it in the admin box on the table at drop off or pick up or give it directly to any member of the committee


Parent Help Timetable


If you can help please find the parent help rota at the administration table or ask a member of the team.

09:15 Doors open, key worker time Join in with the children’s play! Staff may direct you to a particular activity.
10:00 Teaching session Either join in with the session (again, staff will direct you) or help to prepare tables for snack time.
10:15 Snack time Chat with the children and help with the general to and fro of snack time.
10:30 Free play

Help to get children ready with coats and wellies etc.

Take the cue from staff as to whether you’d be best placed inside or outside (don’t forget your coat!)

Take the time to join in with the children’s play.

If you’re feeling adventurous you’re also welcome to wash up the snack things!

11:30 Tidy up time Help with a bit of tidying wherever you are
11:35 Carpet time

Join us for the final carpet time, maybe you’d like to read a story or sing a song!



Complaints Handling


If you wish to make a complaint then our Policies & Procedures document outlines our complaints procedure. Please refer directly to page 45.

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