We have collated below a list of questions, that parents and grandparents regularly ask us. If your question is not answered below, then please feel free to Contact Us.

1)      What should I bring in with my child on their first day? What should I bring with my child everyday?

Each child should have the following clearly labelled items:

  • A drinking bottle containing water only
  • A lunch box, containing a packed lunch – note: we have a strict NO NUTS policy.
  • A snack/snack box with your child’s name it (please see below for snack information).
  • Easy to put on, sensible shoes or trainers
  • A backpack with a couple of changes of spare clothes and spare nappies and nappy sacks (if applicable)
  • Wellies (all year)
  • Waterproof trousers, and a waterproof jacket (winter)
  • Sun hat (summer)

We recommend that your child is dressed in easily washed clothes, and clothes with easy fastenings are a great help – enabling children to be independent when they are old enough. We request all items to be labelled to ensure they make their way back to you.

2)      What should I bring in for snack?

Children are free to eat their snack at a point in the morning that suits them. For snacks we ask that you provide some fruit or vegetables in a named container. Examples of good snacks are: watermelon, banana, apple, pear, berries, oranges, carrot or cucumber sticks, tomatoes, pepper slices, green beans or baby corn. Please do not send in dried fruit snacks such as fruit winders or Bear fruit products, yoghurt coated fruit flakes, biscuits, cakes or cereal bars. These are fine for lunch boxes, but for snack time we ask that only fresh fruit and veg is supplied.

3)      How will I be informed about my child’s progress at Pre-school?

We use several methods for communicating with parents and our doors are always open if you would like to speak to a member of the staff team or a committee member. Each child’s individual progress is documented their own Tapesty journal, click here for more information.

4)      What should I do if my child is unwell or unable  to attend Pre-school?

If your child is ill or going to be absent from Pre-school please phone the Pre-school direct on 07778 442489. Please be reminded that if your child has been sick or has had diarrhoea, please would you keep them away from Pre-school for a minimum of 48 hours after the last bout of illness to prevent the risk of infection to other children and staff. In addition the following the Managing Children who are Sick, Infectious or with Allergies Policy may be of use.